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Varsity Bridge 2015

Believe it or not, this is yet another photo from the Colder Bolder, running across Varsity Bridge on the CU campus.  I’m still showing those race pics because it’s the last time I ran.  Until today.  I tested my hamstrings this afternoon with an easy seven miles on the snowpacked LoBo Trail.

My right leg feels mostly healed.  The left hamstring is still sore.  I don’t know though that I can’t start running, if I keep things short and easy.  I did keep it easy today with about a 10 minute pace but I found it impossible to stick to my three mile plan.  After a brutal cold front, the temp was over 30° with zero wind and full sun.  I tied my long-sleeved top around my waist after two miles to bake my arms in the sun reflecting off the trail.  I kept my short-sleeve shirt on but would have felt comfortable shirtless.

Snowpacked trails are my absolute favorite.  So soft.  Picture the visuals of full sunshine glistening off snow-laden trees, with snow-capped peaks for backdrop.  My legs couldn’t be contained and I doubled my planned distance.  My first run in four weeks was a dream.

My Pearl Izumi gaiters wouldn’t fit over my fat Mafate Hokas.  I might look into a pair of these toe guards for when this snow turns to slush.  Thankfully my Kahtoola nanospikes fit.  I didn’t encounter much ice but the nanospikes still provided confident traction.

I’ll keep my miles light but I think it’s safe to begin running the trails again.  I’ve yet to set any goals for the year.  My interest in marathons has waned.  Maybe I’ll run one in the fall but I’m skipping the Austin Marathon this winter.  I’m sort of in the mood to focus on the 10K distance.  I’d like to work my way into that first wave of the Bolder Boulder.  That might be my goal for 2016.  Happy new year.