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profileMy fat face might not really show here unless you click on the picture to enlarge the view.  Honestly, I feel as trim as I’ve been in twenty years.  I can’t explain that fat face.  I was in a conversation with Susan at our Christmas party the other night and she made the statement that I don’t have a runner’s body.  I forget where she was going with that.  I probably didn’t let her finish.  I remember my response.  I know my leg length is less than optimal.  Oh, and I have a bit of a paunch.  But I have 40 years of experience that gives me good running form.  My college track coach used to film me running quarter mile intervals for his Kinesiology class because he believed I had perfect running form.  My calves are oddly large – a product of running on my fore foot.  And my cardio system might have a predisposition for aerobic sports.  Not only is my resting heart rate under 50 beats per minute, but my 23andme DNA results suggest I’m a natural aerobic athlete.

I guess the fat face and double chin just come with age.  That’s fine.  So is the paunch.  The last thing I care to look like is a malnourished Mr. Gumby.  I know I don’t have the perfect runner’s body, but I feel like a runner.  I am a runner.  I read lots of running blogs and some writers suggest what a runner is and who isn’t a runner.  I’m no different, I too have a definition of a runner.  If you run, and it’s more than just a workout but something you rather enjoy – then you’re a runner.  I’m still ecstatic that I got back into running 5 or 6 years ago.

Ran today on the Eagle Trail in 27° and zero wind.  I totally over dressed.  It was well below 20° earlier in the day but warmed up once I hit the trail.  That kept me from running faster and farther but it still felt so nice to get out of my basement and off the elliptical.  There’s so much more gravity in the real world, my legs felt the difference in impact.  Two day drive to Austin tomorrow so today will be it for awhile.  Looking forward to running some of my favorite trails in Austin.