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I have plantar fasciitus.  And I’ve had it for a good year or so, but I’m finally ready to get serious about treating it because it hurts and leaves me screaming after runs like a banshee from Celtic hell.

It’s in my left foot, as it always has been.  I’ve had this before.  The first time was back in college.  I recall the athletic trainer prescribing me muscle relaxers.  Someone less official advised me to buy a new pair of shoes.  The shoes remedied my plantar fasciitus – which I get because my left foot over pronates.  The muscle relaxers – after washing them down with beer – left me in a state of extremely relaxed inhibitions.  Thankfully this was before everyone carried a camera phone in their pocket connected to YouTube.

Technically I’ve been treating this for several months, just not effectively.  I’ve read up on it and am doing the following.  I bought new inserts and am trying to wear them as much as possible.  I’ve added inserts to my house slippers and am considering simply trashing my Crocs.  Crocs are crap.  I am also performing toe curls, wherein I curl my toes to the point of cramping my foot, and then release.  I perform about 20 reps.  I plan to start doing arch stretches as well.

I want to work through this because I don’t want to lose my fitness level.  But also, I don’t think simply taking time off from working out helps unless I do these other actions of stretches and wearing proper arch support.  Wish me luck.