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I am Ed Mahoney.  Happily married for over half my life and father of two wonderful girls.  As of late fall 2016, I’m a published author, writing fiction.  I also work as a product manager in tech – primarily cybersecurity .  This is my personal blog and the viewpoints it expresses in no way represent those of my employer.

I started writing this blog in 2010, technically Dec 31, 2009, and the subject matter has evolved.  I began by writing short stories and it morphed into a running blog.  I use it as much as possible now to promote my books Cyber War I and Full Spectrum Cyberwar, or my publishing imprint Lobo Media and the books that follow.  Hopefully, it will remain mostly a running blog.

I run because I love the hedonistic carnality of it.  Sure, it gives me time to reflect, but it also helps me to feel.  Running, racing even, feels very natural to me.  I also appreciate the way sport serves as the perfect metaphor for life.  Not just to write about in a blog, but as an alternative life experience.  My performance running mirrors my everyday life and work struggles.  The stories are not limited to running.  This is a runner’s life story.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Ed! Found your blog in a search for Imogene Pass, but it looks like you’ve done a lot of the races my husband and I want to try out (we’re in Albuquerque so Colorado and Texas are fairly close).

    Thanks for your great race recaps! I’m sure I’ll be referring back to your blog for race info.


  2. Anonymous said:

    Hi Ed, I have enjoyed reading some of your blogs this morning! I didn’t know you were so into running! that is great! Love the pictures with you and the girls!!

    See you soon!

    Monica A


  3. Definitely made me laugh a few times. Keep being you : ) It’s appreciated


  4. Belinda said:

    hi..just found your blog…i have had plantar faciitis off and on for two years…have tried a lot of different (things?) stopped running..ice..diferent shoes…rolling…stretching…night splint… nothing helps…do some people just have to stop running?


    • Yes, if you are lucky you can treat it while still running. Many running injuries simply require you to not run for 6 weeks. Still, you need to understand the cause or you might get it again. Sometimes the right shoes, other times you need to change your form. My left leg is shorter than my right and I need to ensure I don’t over stride. A really good running shoe store might help you with video. A knowledgeable Physical Therapist is best – one who knows runners.


  5. I”m a runner-fan and marathon-lover from Chinar.First come here.Learn from you,and wish you a happy new year!


  6. Hi! I work at Lumen and would like to follow your blog. I’m signing up for email notifications. 🙂

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