winter runI might have squeezed in a run earlier this year, I can’t remember. I don’t think so though because I was sick the 1st weekend of the year and since then it’s been bitter cold. And I was too busy meeting some deliverables at work to run during the day. But today man, 44o , bright sun, packed snow, great day for a 4.5 mile run. I pulled out some Under Armour cold weather running gear I got for Christmas, ripped off the tags and suited up. It’s in shades of black and gray and along with my black V-Moda ear buds, and black & gray Barr Camp runner’s hat I looked pretty good for a fat man. I launched off the front porch in style.

My run playlist began with a ’70s hit from the Boss, Thunder Road, followed by Sheryl Crow’s Run, Baby Run. Good stuff to get me going, and there were some other running classics like U2’s Where the Streets Have no Name, Velvet Undeground’s Run, Run, Run, and Del Amtiri’s Driving with the Brakes on. And when I was feeling a stitch, Jimmy sang to me to Break on through, break on through, break on through to the other side. I have 3.5 hours of music on my run playlist and usually play it in shuffle mode. Although I’m starting to use the Genius feature more and more. You play one song or artist and the iPhone picks the rest of the songs from your entire library. Good way to hear some random stuff. It was a good run. Hoping to get some more in this week.