Sad, loney, depressed or listless boy sittingNever go to the grocery store angry.  If you think shopping hungry is a bad idea, I started with Lay’s Potato Chips and French Onion Dip, and then moved on to the ice cream isle.  I ended the day mad about something at work and instead of running to relieve the stress, I just got all pissy.  I sent a bitchy email to my second line, signed off, went to the store for Karen and forgot half of what I was supposed to pick up.  I should have run.  Maybe I should have made dinner.  I should have done something.

Instead I’m sitting here irritated not knowing what to do.  I could finish that Ken Follett book I started last Halloween.  Friggin facebook is boring.  No new people joining anymore.  Today is all about the Supreme Court reviewing California’s Amendment 8 and Clinton’s DOMA.  Clinton should have settled that shit, are we really still talking about it?  Am I just a loser if I don’t get in my run?

Thought about working on my taxes.  Emailed my brother instead goading him to do his because I know he hasn’t.  He says he did.  Three weeks ago.  I participated in an interesting thread today from a blogger I follow – running blog – about another blogger who copy/pasted a really well written story of hers’ and claimed it as his own.  Her other followers totally detailed his history of plagiarism on facebook and his website.  What a copyleft loser.  What a lame story to be the highlight of my day.  Who reads running blogs?

I need to just go to bed early and wake up tomorrow.