medal picSorry for that last post from Debbie Downer.  Got my run in today and feel tons better.  Karen knew I was having issues and tried to make me feel better by purchasing some microwave slippers to soothe my feet.  I can’t walk in them and they collect all the dog hair from the floor, but they are in my color – blue.  Of course, at the end of the day it’s up to me to make myself feel better.  That typically starts by having a productive day at work.  And on non work days, having an equally productive day either fixing up the house or getting in a massive run.  Or, running a race.

At races, a pretty girl hangs a medal around my neck after I cross the finish line.  There are guy volunteers too but I always steer toward the girl.  Then they take my picture in a winning pose.  That’s all feel good stuff.  Narcissistic for sure, but so what?  I had a facebook status update today that lined up all my friends’ who had profile picture updates.  There were 3 or so with the red equal sign pic to show solidarity for the gay rights issues under review this week by the Supreme Court.  And one from my buddy Merrill who changed his profile to show his new picture with a medal around his neck from having just run a half marathon.

Self centered bastard – that’s exactly how you make yourself feel good.  What did I do to make myself feel better?  I scheduled a massage for after the Boulder Half on April 7th.  A 90 minute session.  I’m looking forward to that now more than the run itself.  In a week and a half, before half this county is even awake I’ll have run 13 miles on the idyllic back roads of Boulder, quaffed two beers, and been rubbed down for 90 minutes.  And that’s after having spent most of next week in Breckenridge skiing.  It’s good to be me.