moab finish 1Keith invited me to join him Sunday on a 15 mile run.  This weekend was gorgeous and it would have been nice to get out on the trail, but I opted instead for a ladder workout.  That is, I painted my living room.  And I’m not making this up, my legs are exhausted.  I didn’t have time for a run this weekend but I can tell you my legs got in some weird ladder workout.  I painted sans shoes because I didn’t want to get paint on any of my foot wear.  I must have done the equivalent of 10,000 toe raises.  Not sure how that’s going to help me exactly, but my legs did not take the weekend off despite not running.

I’m certain standing on the ladder barefoot exercised some muscles that I rarely stress like this on my distance runs.  Nothing feels strained, that would really be stupid if I were to injure myself painting.  I suspect my calves will benefit from this.  We’ll see in next weekend’s Boulder Half.  Not running shouldn’t hurt me.  I won’t be running at all this week.  Well, maybe tomorrow but otherwise I’ll be skiing up in Breckenridge.  Bet I won’t be the only runner next Sunday with a ski tan.