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I’ll be returning to Molas Pass off the Million Dollar Hwy Thursday to complete the 70 miles remaining of the Colorado Trail.  From the day I started hiking outside Denver with Tumbleweed to the day I exit the trail into Durango will be a full six months.  About the only regret I have is that I never brought along a nicer camera than my 2.5 MP iPhone 3Gs.  The pics are okay though and I’ll publish a photo album from my blog’s CT Cronica series when it’s all done.

I’m surprised at how massive an event this little hike has become.  I’ve gained years of hiking and camping experience; along with handy snow shoeing skills.  No doubt I own considerably more gear.  I feel very fortunate for the family support.  Karen is good to me.  A little bummed I have to travel to Miami the next day – that’ll curb my celebrations previously planned for Durango.  Sucks when work gets in the way of my personal life.  Still, it’s been epic.  Can’t wait to wind this puppy up next weekend.