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trailheadI take Friday afternoon off from work, arguably early in the year for vacation but I’m finding the transition back from two full weeks away difficult and believe pacing myself is the best path forward.  Karen suggested that we snowshoe in Rocky Mountain National Park over the weekend.  The one sport we do well together.  As you might know, Karen is a little bit dancer and I’m a little bit runner.  Snowshoeing is where we can come together.  So Karen booked a night at the Golden Leaf Inn, and we head up just after noon.


Nine miles from the Beaver Meadows park entrance is Bear Lake.  I’ve always wanted to run here.  The setting is so incredibly stunning, you have to get up here and see it for yourself.  The snow around the lake trail is packed well enough that we hike in our snow boots rather than snowshoe.  The clouds lift a bit to reveal the mountains.  The dull disk of the sun could be mistaken for the moon as it filters through.  It’s about 20° and the air is still, perfect conditions for hiking through the trees.  A soft snow falls.  This is ideal.

ed on lake

We check into the Heavenly Room at the Inn.  We’re sitting now in the two comfortably overstuffed, wingback chairs by a fire, with a southern view out over the valley.  I suspect if the snow stops and the clouds lift, in the morning we’ll be able to view Longs Peak and the Continental Divide.  Next stop is dinner at the Stanley Hotel.

karen at bridge