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first-mileI took today off.  I’ve been working twelve hour days lately, waking up at 5am to host 6am calls with India.  I need the hour prep and two cups of coffee to wake up enough to lead a call.  I’ve had zero time to run during the work week.  I just got in eight miles today though on a snow-covered trail in 25° and full sunshine.  These photos are from last weekend’s Colder Bolder 5K.


This old looking guy behind me is actually ten years my senior.  He ends up beating me across the finish line by five seconds.  I didn’t exactly run this race slow.  That old man is fast.  I came across another older runner on the trail today, probably about my age actually.  We ran together for about two miles.  I left him at my four mile turn-around.


Running across Varsity Bridge in this photo, fatigue set in like a double chin.  A half mile remains from this bridge and I maintained a strong pace, but coasted more than kicked.  I ran strong throughout and didn’t feel the need to hurt myself with a final sprint into the field house.  I ran much harder than I expected and enjoyed every breath of it.  Today’s trail run was just as awesome.  Perfect cold-weather running.  Looking forward to a good winter.

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