Winter is the time to heal.  Colorado winters are so pretty though, it’s the time for runners to enjoy some long, slow runs.  I ran seven today with Keith and Steve out behind Lagerman Reservoir.  The weather looked cold starting out.  I couldn’t even guess where the sun was in the sky.  Then the clouds cleared after a few miles and the 24° felt fine in the absence of any wind.

Steve, pictured here, like me is returning from injury.  This was my first real run of the year.  Hard to say if my hamstring strains are still an issue because they were so tight and heavy from snowboarding yesterday.  But I can’t stay away from running any longer.  Whatever injury remains will have to accept some tension.  Resting is over.  Days like this draw runners outside for the pre season preparation for the races to come in springtime.  I’m ready to start training again.