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I’m no hipster.  I don’t wear jewelry and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever see me sporting the latest fashion – men capris included.  But I’ve become a fan of the pedicure.  Karen and I celebrated her birthday this past weekend in the Omni Hotel at Interlocken where I indulged my feet in a gentlemen’s pedicure at the Mokara Spa.  Sweet baby Jesus – that was nice.  To all my Coloradan medicinal marijuana card carrying buds puffin’ out the analgesic qualities of weed, you haven’t had a quality pedicure.

Seriously, if you’re a big time runner or hiker – pay heed to what I’m bloggin’ here.  Odds are your feet, especially your toes, are uglier than Jimmy Bakker and Tammy Faye.  In your endorphin induced delusion, you either ignore this or chalk it up as a necessary price to be paid for your sport.  But that’s counter intuitive.  The more your feet contribute to your overall well being, the more they should earn in return.  Not only do your feet deserve pampering, but this is a health issue.  They need some attention to optimally maintain your habit.  Why should your calves get all the glory as you wear shorts outside in the middle of winter?  Wouldn’t it be nice to wear flip flops too?  I pound the holy hell out of my feet and I intend to add regular pedicures to my recovery routine.