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Normally my weekends present me with a running event to write about.  Or a hike or some workout even more massive than a marathon.  We can’t always have what we want.  I’m still injured.  Ellie then provides me with some sport to relate.  That’s my girl.  Today it’s snowboarding up at Eldora.  I know, this is what we did last weekend too.  Sliding down a snow covered mountainside on a board is something I would do every weekend if only I could.

After a few runs together, Ellie met up with Juliana for a private lesson.  We set our plan at the end of last year to begin this season with some training.  Hooking up with Juliana was just random but she was Ellie’s group instructor last year.  Ellie was able to study boarding on her toe edge.  And the proper technique to shift from her back edge to front edge by shifting her weight on her feet independently rather than keeping both feet in synch.  I need to work on this myself.  I boarded solo during her lesson and took my share of spills.