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Ellie and Ed at EldoraEllie and I got up to Eldora today for the first time this year.  Normally Eldora wins the prize as the windiest ski hill in Colorado but today was nice.  Full sun and maybe 20° with very little wind.  Ellie got to try out her new GNU B-NICE board and matching bindings.  I got to relearn how to snowboard.  I don’t have much muscle memory at this sport, but we both found our snowboard legs fairly quickly.

Ellie at Eldora 3

Ellie found her snowboard legs much quicker and I wouldn’t see her until the bottom of the hill.  A couple of her girlfriends were up here, Grace and Ivy, but we didn’t hook up with them until we were leaving.  They were alpine skiing.  We’re committed to boarding.

Ellie at Eldora 1

We intend to get up here as many weekends as possible.  Anyone else wants to go, skiing or snowboarding, let me know.  I’ll haul your kids up.  I’m looking into lessons for next weekend.  Seems like a good idea to accelerate the learning curve early in the season.  Today was a warmup.  This is the season Ellie and I truly learn how to snowboard with confidence.

Ellie at Eldora 2