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148Shoes & Brews knew I’d be back.  Their 800 meter speed trials are addictive.  And competitive.  The board no longer contains any men’s times over 3 minutes.  I returned tonight to find my name slip down a couple of notches.  It’s clear now I’ll have to not only run fast, but run often.  At least bi-weekly.  This works for me as I’ve adapted this for my Bolder Boulder speed training.

A young guy named Brad ran with me tonight which helped pace me to 2:48.  Brad ran a 2:45.  I feel good dropping 3 seconds off my previous time.  It advances me ahead of two others on the board and places me in the 2:40s.  I believe I’ll set my goal for this summer at 2:30 flat.  Should be doable.  It’s less about getting in shape and more about learning to breathe and improving form.

248dot99Shoes & Brews was full again tonight.  They get a nice crowd for their Thursday night social runs.  I commented to Keith how surprised I am on what a running community Longmont is.  He responded the runners probably move to Boulder and soon realize they can’t afford it, so they move here.  We ran 4 miles along the river trail, which I used as a warmup for my speed trial.  There was a light rain which made for quite nice running weather.

Ashlee just sent me this new photo of the board, after my initial post.  My position dropped from 13 to 14, even after shaving 3 seconds.  This is such a competitive town.  Or cheap and these bar flies will do anything to avoid paying $5 for a pint.  I hope Rob (no last name) is irritated with me beating him by 1/100th of a second.