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bibEllie and I signed up for the 2015 Bolder Boulder today.  Ellie will run with Wendy, Chase and the boys.  I start in the 3rd wave!

I’m pretty happy about this.  I’ve steadily improved my starting waves since I began racing these events again back in 2011.  My best was wave B (the 4th wave) in 2013.  Last year I jogged with Ellie.  This is important to me because each subsequent wave adds further distance to the run, due to passing other runners.  I figure each wave adds 10 to 15 seconds to an overall time.  The closer to the front, the less impact.  I’m hoping to run a 6:50 or so mile pace, but that won’t help me to run 42 minutes unless I’m in one of the first waves.

The funny thing, for me, is that the race time that qualified me for this wave was from one of my 5Ks earlier this year down in Austin.  Maybe submitting a time run at sea level is cheating.  I don’t care.  All’s fair in road racing.  I have to give credit to Ken Hausman for helping me to run a 20 minute 5K by passing me after two miles.  That pushed me.  My Bolder Boulder goal this year is under 43 minutes.  I think I have a shot at it.  I ran 13 miles today on the East Boulder Trail and felt strong on the hills.  I might run a couple of more 800 meter time trials at Shoes & Brews to work on my speed.  BB race day is May 25th.