knife edgeI like this photo.  Mostly because it has me in it.  But also because George captures in this pic the absolutely fantastic backdrop I have all day Saturday as I backpack at 13,000 feet along the Continental Divide.  Wish I was still out there.  Instead I’m back to running the LoBo trail.  It’s a nice trail but it’s not the same thing.  I will tell you though that this morning, while still early fall, the peaks of the Front Range are buried under spectacularly, shimmering white snow.  What a gorgeous fall day in Colorado!

Despite the cool seasonal weather this week, my legs have been heavy and sluggish.  I expected a little speed with the dropping temps but not this week.  I went long this morning and started off okay, but my pace slowed down after ten miles.  I went for twenty but walked in the last two.  When your pace slows to essentially walking, you might as well walk.

I don’t think my sluggish week is related to recovery from my three days backpacking the Continental Divide.  I blame work.  My boss has been out on medical so I’m covering for her.  That woman has quite the schedule.  Been working 6am to 10pm almost every day.  Part of what she does is report status on the projects I’m supposed to be driving.  So I tried to do my day job as well in order to have some status to report.  Tried to do it all and probably sucked at everything.  It didn’t leave much time for running but I tried to do that too since my marathon is right around the corner.  I suspect I was drained mentally rather than physically.

I don’t let this stuff get to me.  I know I’m in shape.  I had a super three  mile race with La Plata from the Bakerville exit to the Grays Trailhead on Sunday.  I imagine that included a 1500 foot climb in elevation.  We totally smoked it.  That felt good.  Two more weeks until the Denver Marathon.  Time to taper anyway.  Jen is prodding me to run eight with the gang tomorrow.  Her style, usually effective, is to call me a pussy if I don’t go.  Planning on sleeping in tomorrow though.