Jayashree was out to dinner with a guy she’d been casually dating for the last few months.  Being somewhat of a rebel herself, she liked the fact he’d go to work unshaven.  Balamohan worked at the call center with her and in addition to being fairly attractive, he seemed to enjoy spending his extra income on taking her to fine restaurants.  And he especially liked listening to her talk tech.

“When are you going to show me the data rack in your kitchen Jayashree?”  Balamohan said this quite nonchalantly as he spread butter on his naan.

“When you have a need to see it Balamohan.  It’s all very sensitive given the work I am doing now on the Alibi software.  I’m thinking of installing a biometric control to my apartment door.”  Jayashree enjoyed the coy dialog.  She’d have lost interest long ago in Balamohan if he didn’t express some forwardness.

“Well then, tell me my little princess programmer, when are you going to quit the call center and start fulltime on Alibi?”

Jayashree took a moment to finish chewing her bite of lamb vindaloo.  “Funny you should ask.  I plan to give notice on Monday.  You think I should give two weeks?  I’m not sure I want to.”

“You should offer two weeks.  It’s expected.  But it won’t matter.  They’ll walk you out the door immediately.  Ever since we signed that telecom client, they take zero risks.”

“Good to know, thank you.  You seem so plugged into everything at the office.”  It was a compliment as Jayashree was duly impressed by his political acumen.  “Would you excuse me please?  I need to freshen up.”

Jayashree left her mobile phone on the table as she rose and walked to the restroom.  Once she was out of sight, Balamohan picked up her phone and reviewed her recent call list.  He wrote down the numbers he didn’t already have or recognize.