Jayashree asked to speak privately with her manager Monday morning and told him of her plans to leave the call center in two weeks.  “I wish you success in your endeavors Jayashree,” her manager was sincere but he also wanted to talk.  “Can you tell me if you plan to work with Balamohan?”

Jayashree didn’t see that coming.  “What?  What do you mean?”

“Well, I know you two have been dating and well, he gave notice on Friday to start up some venture based on Ruby developers.”

“No.  No I don’t have plans to work with Balamohan.”  Jayashree was no longer listening to her manager.  He began discussing why it was necessary to walk her out today and then explained documents that she needed to sign.  She signed them without reading the details.  She left the tech center campus in a daze wondering what Balamohan was up to.  She would need to discuss this with her partners and arranged to meet them at the Internet Café below her apartment when they got off work.  Turned out Raj got walked out immediately after giving notice too, so they were able meet before lunchtime.

“No Raj, Balamohan and I weren’t that close.  We only had dinner together.  And only 5 times.”  Jayashree wasn’t defensive because she expected these questions.  “But I have to tell you, I told him everything.  I mean, certainly quite a bit about our plans.  I told him about our funding.  And about our target markets.  I should have known better when a guy would be so interested in listening to my geek girl babble.  I gave him everything but our source code.  I’m an idiot.  I’m so sorry Raj.”

“No Jayashree, you’re not an idiot.  You’re a beautiful woman and you deserve better than that foot wipe.  And this isn’t over.  Now we need to glean information from him.  You need to act like you don’t know and have another dinner date with him.  You need to learn what his plans are.”

“I can do that.  That boy is going to buying some dinners at some nice restaurants.  He’d better be well funded.”