Brittany was only five years old the last time we visited Crested Butte.  She’s not here with us twenty years later.  Someone had to stay home to watch the dogs.  So I got to board with Ellie instead.  Her first time to Crested Butte.  She’s become a much better snow boarder than me.  She was carving the snow up today while I was lucky to get on my toes by the end of the day.

We used to come up to Crested Butte with Karen’s family in the early years of having moved to Colorado.  It’s a pretty cool town.  The downtown is as cute as any mountain town in Colorado.  There’s no highway cutting through town like Breckenridge or so many other towns.  We’re up here this spring break with good friends.  I survived my first day of snow boarding and hope to report improvement before returning home.