After twenty years of chasing my career and raising kids, I began to redevelop my personal hobbies again in my upper 40s.  Probably true for many as your kids became independent and you began to realize some me time.  For me, that meant a return to running.  I picked up some new hobbies as well, like hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing.  I was thrilled each year that, while I was aging, I was also becoming faster.  It’s just really satisfying to know you’re improving at a sport with age.  But is there is such a thing as peak fitness?  After about five years, my stomach was finally flat, but I also stopped achieving PRs.  I plateaued.

I’m fine with that.  Peaking in terms of speed is no big deal.  Tracking my improvement was fun while it lasted but I’m more than happy with maintaining.  Besides, peak fitness isn’t even a real term.  It’s associated with high intensity interval training.  And it’s the name of about one out of every three fitness gyms across the country.  But it’s not an actual thing.  If I can run the rest of my life.  Shoot, I don’t even have to always run.  If I can hike around in the mountains in my senior years, I’ll consider myself blessed.  And I’ll be happy.  Looking forward to spending this coming weekend up in Crested Butte, so add snowboarding to my list of activities.