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Don HallI learned through facebook today that Don Hall passed away at 79.  He was my high school counselor and the father to one of my buddies.  It brought back a flood of memories and made me cry a little.  Don was such a kick.  He wandered around the halls with a more mischievous grin than any kid in school.  You almost expected him to be planning a senior day prank.  And like his son, he was a runner.  He put on the same air as his son did at races, with a big smile and telling jokes that would make everyone forget about their nerves.

He was so much fun and thinking about him made me recall all the good memories from high school.  I know I suffered all the teenage angst too but I don’t remember any of that.  Just the good times.  I had such good buddies.  And my school had more pretty girls than was probably fair.  Today they would bus such a dense grouping of beauty to other schools in the district to meet educational equality guidelines.  Of course my high school sweetheart was by far the most gorgeous.

It’s funny but I can recall high school with more lucidity than college.  Maybe because college was faster paced with moving and meeting new friends every semester.  I can recall all of my high school cross country and track races too.  I can hardly remember any from college.  Sort of strange, unless it’s that way for others too.  And even though I didn’t keep up with Don since moving to Colorado, I remember him clowning around like it was yesterday.  I’ll miss him.