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3M KickI’m running in this pic down MLK Blvd which separates the UT campus from the Texas Capitol complex.  I beat all of those 20 year old kids you see behind me, except for Bradley Stocky – the 47 year old man dressed in black in the left of this picture.  I beat his clock time by 5 seconds, but he beat my chip time by 2 seconds; which is to say he crossed the starting line 7 seconds behind me.  I ran the first half about a minute faster but he must have had me in his sights the last few miles.  He certainly kicked it in stronger than I did running that final quarter mile down MLK to the finish.  I did let up a little bit the last hundred yards because I don’t like to finish too out of breath.  This race was a week ago but I’m posting the picture in recognition of MLK day.