gridI’m planning my first marathon of the year for June 2nd in Steamboat Springs.  I would tell you it’s to run with a buddy who will be running his first ever marathon, but really it’s because this puppy drops 1500 feet in elevation over the course of 26 miles.  Steve really knows how to pick a first marathon course.

I have a decent idea of my racing plans for the year.  Of course, I already completed one half marathon in January, so that’s part of the official race plan.  Here’s the list.  Austin 3M Half in January.  Moab Half in March.  Boulder Half in April.  Bolder Boulder 10K in May.  Steamboat Marathon in June.  Imogene Pass Run in early September.  Boulder Marathon in late September.

Sure, I’ll do more events as they come up but if not – this is enough.  At $75 each (a realistic average cost) that’s over $500 in registration fees.  Easily another $500 to buy the race pics for my blog.  And travel cost for some of them.  Going into my fourth year of road races, I’m fairly confident of my schedule.  The only new event will be Steamboat.  I’d like to get in a trail run like the CPTR.  I’ll ask Rob if he’s interested in running that again but now that he’s moved to Durango, I suspect he’ll want to run something down in the La Plata Mountains.  So hoping for a surprise on my schedule.