I’m back in the saddle.  Which is to say I’m lifting weights again.  First time in two years, since the last time a I trained for Imogene.  Nothing impressive with weights actually but I’m doing situps.  Toughening up the core is arguably as beneficial as running.  Seven straight days of running.  Fifty-four miles.  This is a promising start to my new training regimen.

Sipping a Heineken Light now.  My first beer of the week.  That must put me about 20 under par, so I’ll likely have another.  If I can handle it.  Increasing my miles means I can’t sneak off 3 or 4 over lunch.  I have to run in the evening.  And a mix of longer runs and weights makes my stomach too weak to imbibe or eat much at night.  On Wednesday, which was the hottest day of the week, I was fairly nauseous.  And I was pretty fatigued that day but my Thursday and Friday runs felt strong.  I’m getting in shape.

I’m meeting Rob tomorrow for breakfast in Boulder.  He’ll be my running mate for the IPR.  He’s in town for a cultural diversion to Denver with his wife Sue.  We can discuss our running strategy.  I wouldn’t mind being able to run more impressively on the seven mile drop into Telluride than I did two years ago.  I recall sliding down the trail with the brakes on.  Rob walked much of it due to sore knees, so I bet he wouldn’t mind some redemption himself.  But it’ll depend on the current condition of his knees.  There’s no running for old men.