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I didn’t make the cut for the initial registration deadline to the Imogene Pass Run this year.  It sold out within a couple of hours.  But I received a transfer registration this week from a nice gal in Ignacio – Lilley Powell – so it’s time to get in shape.  However, I’m training for much more than just Imogene.  The 17 mile IPR is in 5 weeks, the Denver Marathon is 2 weeks later and the Boulder Marathon is 4 weeks after that.  I’m registered for all three events.  This is my way of celebrating my 50th year of life – by bleeding the cartilage out of my knees.

I ran the IPR two years ago with my fit buddy Rob Graham who lives in Grand Junction.  We’re pictured above at the start to that year’s run.  While only 17 miles, getting in shape for its verticality readied me for any marathon.  I followed it up with the Denver Marathon then, so I’m doing that again.  I’m throwing in the Boulder Marathon for good measure – mostly because I couldn’t decide between the two.  The Denver Marathon is such a nice event run through gorgeous Denver neighborhoods and parks while Boulder is sort of my backyard and I feel obligated.  Plus, running in the fall in Colorado is just so damned ideal.

I’m not currently in shape to run a marathon but know two things.  One, based on experience, assuming I get in shape for Imogene I’ll most certainly be in marathon condition.  Secondly, I am in position to get in shape with a month of increased distance training.  With Karen cooking dinner it’s a matter of focus and making time.  I need to become more consistent with daily runs and with longer distance.  There’s enough daylight that I can run after work.  My injuries, which are why I lost my conditioning, are mostly healed and I seem to be able to run 8 and 10 milers now without hurting myself.  Still, risk of injury is my biggest concern and I’ll monitor pain closely.  I could say injury is out of my control but I don’t believe that.  I just need to pay attention to it.  Wish me luck.