Ibenez AEG18L

There are three Guitar Center shops in the Austin metro, one right here in Round Rock.  All are closed, of course, so I ordered this left-handed acoustic-electric online.  Their Dallas shipping site is closed too, so it has to ship from California.  That’s okay, I’ll wait.  I’m just glad it’s in-stock.  Left-handed guitars are less available.

I’m mostly ambidextrous.  I write and eat left-handed, but can do both with my right hand.  I play sports right-handed.  I can’t throw left-handed but can switch hit.  I can play guitar right-handed, but it doesn’t feel comfortable.  Finding a quality left-handed guitar at an affordable price made me happy.

I need something new to keep my sanity in check.  I’ve been staying with my mom in Texas since late January and even without the apocalyptic social distancing conditions, I can’t get out much.  I can no longer go for long runs on the weekends.  I work ten-hour days, when I’m not working twelve, in a small office on the phone and computer, and I really need some sort of release afterward.  I like a beer at the end of the day, but drinking doesn’t do that much for me.  If I have to watch any more news, my head will explode.

I never played an instrument growing up, but took guitar lessons before I turned fifty.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I swear, it released more endorphins than distance runs.  I didn’t keep it up.  After a small health scare at fifty-one, I turned my focus to massive running, and later to writing.  A man can only have so many hobbies.

I feel it’s time to turn back to music.  I’m still able to go for some short runs a few days each week, but I’m losing interest in writing and reading.  And at my current weight, running is hard.  I feel like music is what I need to get through these trying days and nights.

Isolated a thousand miles away from my wife and family, music is the cure.  Don’t ask me to tell you the name of songs or bands, but I can sit in a dark room and listen to music for hours.  Playing music will be orders of magnitude more satisfying.

How are you coping?