Our first call of the day was before 6 am mountain time.  We facetime because I can’t get a strong enough signal for a voice call and need to leverage the wifi with a video app.  Karen doesn’t let me see her that early in the morning, so I stare at the ceiling fan while she watches me sip my second cup of coffee.

She said, because it was snowing, she might not walk today.  She often walks while talking over the phone to other friends while they walk remotely.  I told her there is no better time to walk in Colorado than under falling snow.  With no wind and 30°, the snow filters out the sound and you can hear your heart beat in the silence.  I was jealous.

I was also motivated and ran a few miles after work.  In the rain.  It’ll be raining here in Austin for as many days as the weather lady could forecast into the future.  Inside the house, the overcast is dreary.  But out on the trail, man, running in the warm Texas rain rivals the Colorado snowfall.  The rain poured down on me, cleansing me of sorrow and grief.  And the trail, which has been quite crowded on the weekends, was as empty as Times Square.

Karen also told me this am that she’s noticed nature sounding louder with all the cars off the street.  The morning birds’ chirping is deafening.  I reminded her that it is spring.  She stood by her statement, the birds are louder.  I agree with her now that I had my run.  This post-apocalyptic nature is special.  Get outside and hear it for yourself.