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Not enough is being written about this story.  I just paid less for a gallon of gasoline than I did my senior year of high school.  Maybe not adjusted for inflation, but this is a running blog.  Go to economist.com if you have higher math expectations.

I also ventured out to the grocer – HEB on FM620.  I was hesitant after all the stories I heard yesterday about zombie hoards butchering one another over diet coke and almond milk. I’m paraphrasing my brother-in-law from his recent experience at the HEB in Northwest Hills.

The shelves were half empty but the masses were absent.  They likely ran out of real estate to store more goods.  I felt almost guilty with some of my purchases.  I tried to make good decisions.  In the end, I hoarded Malbec and after-shower conditioner.  I love how Texas grocers sell wine.  I’ll weather this storm.