The holiday break was good for my writing.  I received feedback on my draft manuscript from two of my three beta readers, and I’ve incorporated most of their suggestions.  Some of it was super helpful and will make for a better story.

It’s still overly technical, although I’m certain it’s not nearly as geeky as the first book.  I’m considering dedicating it to those techies who RTFM and the EULA.  If you understood that last sentence, you might be my target market.

I still plan to use my computer mouse tanks photo for the book cover.  I’m also looking for a publisher though.  Assuming I find one, my book cover ideas might not be mine to act on.  If finding a publisher becomes too onerous, I’ll self-publish again.  I’d like to learn the formal publishing process though.  If you know an agent or publisher who is interested in my genre, let me know.

I also, finally, came up with a title for the book, again, assuming I get to name it if I go the publishing route.  I’ve been referencing my manuscript Cyber War II.  It makes sense but didn’t feel very satisfying to me.  I came up with “Full Spectrum.”  The storyline is around Hybrid warfare.  Full spectrum references the mission statement and tactics of US Cybercom.  Another thought I have is using “Defend Forward,” because that speaks to my plot and is yet more language used by the DoD.  They’re both good.

If that’s not enough, I’ve also started writing my third book.  You could argue it’s the 3rd in a cyberwar series, but it’s 20 years into the future and is in the cyberpunk genre rather than tech thriller.  It’s already more fun.  I’m able to take more liberties with reality in this genre.

I’m also reading every day.  I got two books for Christmas gifts.  My new year’s resolution is to focus on reading and writing in 2019.  It’s all about the books.  I’ll try to share some time with health and fitness, but my aperture on personal interests has narrowed over time.  I rarely even watch sports anymore.  Reading and writing.  That’s my focus now.