Halloween 2017

The tricksters were thick as thieves outside my house well before sundown earlier this week on Halloween.  My neighbors, on the corner, dressed up their house as a scene from the movie It.  We had some light snow that morning but the weather wasn’t scary enough to thin the crowds.  We handed out 15 bags of candy.

It’ll snow again Monday.  Fall is fading to winter.  I didn’t get in any runs during the week but ran ten miles today.  I planned for only eight because I’ve lost enough conditioning to where ten miles seriously wears me out for the rest of the day.  And I run the risk of being too tired to run at all tomorrow.  But fall is just so ideal for running, I can’t help myself.  Running past red barns flanked by golden aspen, I took the red pill at the fourth mile and kept on going, deeper into colorful foliage.  Who wouldn’t?

I will have to start reducing the weekend miles though.  With my daily runs disappearing like ghosts, I know I risk injury of pushing myself too hard on just Saturday and Sunday.  The answer is perhaps weights during the weekdays.  I could sneak those in while working in my basement office.  I haven’t lifted weights in several years but they are arguably better for a man my age than running.  It’s on my agenda as winter nears and running becomes even less likely after the paths ice up.