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IMG_0830My strategic delay in planting this year looks brilliant given last week’s heavy spring snowfall.  The wine I drank this weekend was in celebration of my gorgeous tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, kale, spinach, leeks, lettuces, chard, strawberries, melon, and a mix of florals to bring the bees; not the pity party so many of my fellow growers wallowed in as they assessed the damage to their crops.  Sorry guys but second mouse gets the cheese.

I have to share with you the tremendous energy I have after planting.  The mud, deep under my nails, gives my fingers satisfaction they can’t find hammering away on a keyboard.  Like a walk in the woods, despite the physicality of it, I’m sitting on the porch, drinking a cold one, feeling recharged.  Gardens give life.  I get so excited just thinking about sautéing those greens.  This is going to be a good summer.