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It’s the weekend so it’s time to run.  Got in fifteen miles today.  I’ll target fifteen again tomorrow.  Now that I commute to work, the weekend is all I have and I want to get in at least thirty miles per week.  I’ll start working from home a couple of days a week too, after I get my legs under me at the office.  I don’t need to run every day.  I’m already in decent shape.  I just need to maintain.

The Bolder Boulder is next weekend.  I need to show up and meet expectations with a top ten finish for my age.  After that, my next big event won’t be until October, a three day run through spectacular national parks – Bryce Canyon, Zion and the Grand Canyon.  If you’re jealous and thinking about it, it’s already sold out.  I’ll need these big weekend runs to prep.  The third day will be a 19 mile run around the Rainbow Rim Trail with 1550 feet of vertical loss and 1600 feet of vertical gain.  I’m going to need to add some mountain trail runs to my weekend routine.