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picture rock gang

I was all set to run my final twenty miler today but instead received a tempting group text last night from the running gang to run Picture Rock.  I can run twenty miles tomorrow.  My marathon training plan is flexible that way.  I haven’t run with the gang in quite some time.  It was great seeing everyone for Easter weekend.

We all started out together the first couple of miles.  This trail is uphill non-stop for nearly six miles.  Keith and I left the larger group after two miles and continued at our pace to the top.  The grade isn’t steep so it’s not as difficult as it sounds.  It is at altitude though.  I run so regularly on a flat trail that it challenged me.  We ran up fairly aggressively, but took a cautious approach on the return down.  My legs were sufficiently fatigued and I didn’t want to risk hurting myself before my upcoming marathon.

Jen Louden

Jen was less cautious and took a spill.  I wasn’t there to see it but she didn’t seem overly concerned herself.  Her response was, “minor raspberries really.”  The surprising thing was that not more of us fell considering the size of our group.  Picture Rock is fairly technical with all the rocks.  I’ve fallen three or four times on this trail.  Usually on the way down.  Falling hurts at my age.  Still, trail running is worth the risk.  It recharges your body and soul like few things can.  Happy Easter everyone.