I don’t think I was alone this week when I say I ran in some cold weather.  I started the winter season off with five days in a row of twelve mile runs.  Thursday December 29th through Monday January 2nd.  That kicked off my marathon training.  It turned cold right after that, which was fine because returning to work was brutal.

The intensity was there day one as if the two week plus vacation never happened.  I’m not sure what day the snow started.  I ran again on Thursday of this week.  Five miles in 4°.  Then ten miles today, Saturday, in 20°.  Sometime in between, a foot of snow fell on top of my running trail.

I’ve been lucky in that the cold as hell days I’ve selected for running were free of wind.  With the Colorado sun sans wind, I don’t know that it matters how cold it is outside.  Running is ideal in those conditions.  The deep snow however was taxing, like running on a sandy beach.  Wonder what it’s been like running in Texas?  Or Atlanta?  Who else out there embraced the cold?