Becoming an author has completed my transformation to a purely narcissistic being.  And it feels good.  Still, I’ve been tasked with major home renovations and chores every weekend so far this year.  To the point I haven’t been able to run or read as much as I desire. This weekend will be different.  This weekend will be mine.  There are only two things on my agenda, running and reading.

I was able to finish one book this month but plan to finish two others by Sunday.  I’m reading Michael Lewis’ new book, The Undoing Project.  It’s on scientific research and is a bit more dry than his typical stuff.  That, or the material is not as new.  His first chapter was on basketball, and was basically a rehash of his on base average logic from his baseball book, Moneyball.  As if his editor made him cut this chapter from his previous book so he decided to use it here.  The remaining chapters are largely about the research collaboration between Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman.  This is well written but my problem is that I read Kahneman’s book last year that covers some of this, Thinking Fast and Slow.  Even a bad book by Lewis though is pretty good, so I’m going to finish it.

The second book I’m reading is Countdown to Zero Day by Kim Zetter.  I started this book last year but I didn’t read it so much as consult it for reference material as I was writing Cyber War I.  It’s the story behind the Stuxnet virus that America and Israel launched against Iran, a key premise to my novel.  This is well written though so I’m reading it now cover to cover.

Competing with my reading this weekend will be running.  I’ve been working some long days and not running as much as I’d like during the week.  I plan to make up some miles this weekend.  At a minimum, I’ll run my twelve mile loop on the LoBo Trail each day.  Might stretch it for fifteen miles.  It’s cold out, that should help.  Running and reading.  That’s it for me this weekend.