rehearsal dinner

My sister Sandy’s oldest child, Cari is a special niece.  She spent eight summers in a row with my family in Colorado, through high school and college, serving as nanny to my youngest daughter Ellie.  She is my daughter number three.  She’s pictured here with her fiancé Erik, at the rehearsal dinner.

kathy n ed 2

The rehearsal dinner was held at Stella’s Fish Cafe in Uptown Minneapolis.  I’m pictured here with my oldest sister Kathy, in a rooftop reunion.  First time for us to see each other in thirty years.

mom and her girls

Weddings are a fine occasion to get dressed up…and to get amorous.


The girls both bought their dresses hours earlier at Target.  Brit could only stuff so much into her purse, which was all she carried on her $100 Spirit Airlines flight from California.  Ellie didn’t know she would need a separate dress for the rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding.

ellie n brit

Hanging out now waiting for the big show at the Grace University Lutheran Church.  Brit is practicing in the hotel room, the song she will sing before the wedding.  Ellie and I are going to run on the Marriott treadmills, and maybe hit the hot tub.  Then we’ll all get dressed up again, for the wedding this afternoon.