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After living less than an hour south of the great state of Wyoming for nearly thirty years, I finally made the drive Thursday, on my way to a wedding in Minneapolis.  I found the landscape quite scenic as I drove through Cheyenne and across the southeast corner of the state.

mt rushmore

After Wyoming, I drove through South Dakota.  I’ve now visited every state west of the Mississippi except for Alaska.  The girls are pictured here at the evening show for Mount Rushmore.  I can tell you that Orlando has nothing on Rapid City.  This place invented tourism.  We saw what we had time for.

Wall Drug Store

Doubt I’ve ever played the tourist more than in South Dakota.  We ate lunch at Wall Drug.  This place is definitely a must see, but don’t feel obligated to eat lunch there.  Poor Brittiboo got stiffed by Zoltar on her fortune card.


From Wall, we veered off I-90 and took the long road to Sioux Falls, through the Bad Lands.  If you never knew, this is where wind comes from.

bad lands 1

Really cool 35 mile drive for $15.  You’ll learn how to use the panorama-mode on your camera out here.  The girls set records on their Instagram likes.


We totally beat the crowds, with school starting back up, there were very few families.  Mostly retirees in RVs.  The windy road through the Bad Lands has a couple dozen or so turnouts and trailheads to take photos.

bad lands 3

We made it as far as Sioux Falls.  Tomorrow we meet up with my family in Minneapolis for my niece, Cari’s wedding.  Great road trip so far.