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In a church built by Swedish Evangelicals on the east bank of the Mississippi in 1917, Cari and Erik had the perfect wedding Sunday.  Brit sang Photograph by Ed Sheeran and her cousin Brook sang opera style in French – this is a short video below.

My sister Sandy is Cari’s mom, pictured below being seated by her son Spencer.

Spencer n Sandy 2

Long story short, Cari got married as you can see in this video below.

Weddings are such the time for family reunions.  I got to see all four of my sisters.  And all their kids.  Even all the grandchildren.  Pictured below are my sisters Kathy, Sandy, Deb and Nancy.

sisters on rooftop


I’m not the only one who thought Cari and Erik made the perfect couple.  All the speeches confirmed these two are made for each other.  Even more special, I saw the same perfection everywhere I looked.  One brother-in-law bought a second home in Costa Rica and spends a good portion of the year living there, because the climate is good for my sister’s health.  That’s devotion.  Another brother-in-law lights up like a beacon whenever I ask a question about his wife, my sister, and will talk for hours on every detail of her life.  He’s still deeply in love after over thirty years.  Below are Deb and her husband, Kim.

Deb n Kim

There are just so many happy members of my family, my parents must have done something right.  The photo below contains two sons, four daughters, six grand daughters, and three great grandchildren from my parents’ marriage.  Plus one daughter-in-law and a couple of son-in-laws.


My parents’ wedding photo, from the previous millennium, was on display on the signing book table.  My dad was 21 and my mom just turned 18, five days before her wedding.

Constance n Johnny

I hope the best for Cari and Erik.  Their wedding was a joyous start.  These photos don’t tell half the story of what a wonderful wedding weekend it was and of all the love on display.

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