Karen and I were empty nesters for a week.  We know now how it feels. What to expect.  Now that Ellie is back, I know what to expect on our joint training plan too.  Three miles was too much for the first day.  Ellie was able to run two miles, running the first mile non-stop.  This will be a game of inches.

team shirts

Ellie’s camp counselor Emily, pinged photos to me every day that she was away at Coeur d’Alene.  That’s where this pic above comes from.  This pic below is what Ellie posted to her Instagram.  It says everything to me on what she found beautiful in the forests of Idaho.

lake at dawn

Unfortunately I have to travel on the 4th and 5th for work, so we won’t run again until Wednesday.  Ellie has dance practice though during that time so she’ll get in a bit of a workout.  Summer training has officially started.