I waited today for the rain to turn to snow before running.  I don’t know if I ended up any less wet in the end, but it got me out the door.  Helped too to start with the wind behind my back.  After two and a half miles, I remove my gloves and stop here on the bridge to stretch out my hamstring.  It’s become tight and sore on me again.  This is a tough injury to shake.  I’m warmed up good for this run though.  I aim for 12.

lobo trail

The wind hits me in the face on my turn-around like a wake up call from dreams of winter.  My face grows cold but the rest of my body has built up enough heat to take me home.  Felt more cozy with the wind at my back, but this is actually good running weather, even running into the wind, now that I’m warmed up.  The snow blinds my eyes for a half mile, until I reach these Cottonwoods along the creek.  At the same time these trees screen the wind, the snow turns from hard, in my face, to big fat, fluffy flakes, big enough to bury me if I stop moving.


Looks to be snow and rain, back and forth today.  Blizzard maybe tomorrow.  My tulips are living each moment like it might be their last.  That’s how I like to take my weekends.  Karen is brewing some Texas Chili.  Ellie and I have tickets for the Jungle Book later tonight.  I remember my sister Sandy taking me to the movie theater in Marion, Iowa, to see The Jungle Book.  First movie I ever saw.