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standish white

I wasn’t able to run everyday this week, but it was my best running week of the year nonetheless.  I’ve had a slow start to the year, recovering from injury.  My distance returned to par a few weeks ago, and this week, my legs found their speed.  Too late now to run the Bolder Boulder in dramatic fashion, but I’m able to train again.  My initial expectations for racing this spring have been muted but I’m excited anyway.  I have the coming week off and intend to get in some quality runs.

I think it was Tuesday when I felt the speed return to my legs.  The weather lady said to expect snow but the air was too warm during my run.  I’m not sure if it actually rained, or if I was running through the rain clouds.  Colorado clouds make the trail so cozy when they drop across the landscape like reverse fog.  Somehow the reduced visibility dampens outdoor sounds.  I could hear my breathing in the silence.  It was one of those surreal moments, like running through misty Oregon in a Nike commercial where there is no finish line.  My legs fell into their old form after four miles and I maintained a fast pace for the remaining four.  I noticed immediately and held onto my pace and form like a lucid dream.

It did snow on my run Thursday.  Small, hard flakes that, combined with the wind, stung my eyes.  Still, another fast run.  I’m so excited that I can run well again that I ran 12 miles Friday after work.  Thank goodness for daylight savings time.  That’s a distance I generally only have time for on the weekends.  Not sure if I’ll focus more on distance or speed for Spring Break.  I’ll be snowboarding in Vail at the end of the week, so I have between now and Thursday to run and train hard.  I also have my taxes to complete and a living room to paint, but naturally running will be my priority.

I have a 10K scheduled for May 1st.  It will be my first race in five months.  I don’t know my pace any more so I won’t make projections.  I do hope to be able to run the 7 minute per mile pace I generally average for a 10K.  I shouldn’t be too far over.  The Bolder Boulder will be four weeks later so it will be good prep.  But this week comes first.  I won’t be pressured by my full agenda.  The runs will be serendipitous with no clock scheduling my returns.  Spring showers or blizzards won’t keep me off the trail.  Chinook winds might, those are different.  But I expect to be out there logging some miles.  Hope to see you on El LoBo.