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long trail

Tell me if you see what I see in this photo from the LoBo Trail today.  Trails look longer in the deep winter.  The wind blows harder carrying the icy February chill.  My ten miler felt like twelve miles.  Actually, I did run twelve.  Because with the sun shimmering off everything buried in white, I could have run twenty.  The Colorado winter draws me outdoors and I absolutely love it.

niwot loop

The runs can be tougher in the winter.  The wind wasn’t too bad today but slogging through the crunchy snow slowed my pace to a shuffle.  It was so pretty out there though, I didn’t mind.  At five miles, Jen came hopping down the trail, like a snow bunny.  She motivated me to run an extra mile before turning back.  If you recognize this sign near the Gunbarrel Tech Center, it marks my turn-around on the Niwot Loop.  The trails aren’t idea for running yet.  They need some packing down.  But they’re pretty.  Glad I got out there before the game.