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data plan

I’m not happy about this.  Three of my five iPhones are under the grandfathered unlimited data plan, so my increase will actually be $15 per month rather than just $5.  But the lying marketing doesn’t stop there.

AT&T stopped offering unlimited data plans a couple of years after the initial iPhone launch, and that’s technically a price increase.  It’s why I pay more for my two other iPhones.  My perspective is of a single payment plan, not a single iPhone.

This is technology.  Prices are expected to go down, not up.  So bragging about their first (but not really their first) price increase in 7 years is bullshit.  Network bandwidth and speeds benefit from a phenomenon similar to Moore’s Law for CPUs.  Nielsen’s Law states that bandwidth doubles about every two years, with all else (like price) being equal.


I don’t know if there’s much I can do about this.  I suspect AT&T is still my cheapest option.  But I can blog my displeasure.  Any thoughts?  Should I switch my five iPhones?