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It feels disingenuous to write about running considering I can’t remember the last time I ran.  A good two weeks ago for sure.  I could talk politics, my undergrad was poly-sci, but am a little burned out on that topic.  I’m hoping to be able to lay low on my political views until maybe the Iowa caucuses, when polls start to actually matter and he who shall not be named will begin to fade.  So let me tell you about my new car.  I mean my new used car.

We traded in our mini van for yet another mini van.  Same model – Honda Odyssey.  As unremarkable as that sounds, we bought one that isn’t much newer either, in terms of make.  It has half the miles and the annual service costs will be significantly cheaper.  That’s about it.  We bought used because I’m not certain I can afford a new car.  I could lease one but I’m not totally on board with that concept either.  I’ve yet to come to terms with paying for a car what I paid for my first house.  Am I the only one to feel this way?

We’ve always bought new cars in the past but I just can’t do it anymore.  Actually, I bought my last car used too, for Brittany.  I’m not all that convinced I even need a car.  Right about now you must be thinking I’m a cheap bastard, but I seriously don’t think I need a car.  The mini van is for Karen.  We only have one car.  I’ve been working from home for the last 7 years and most everything I need is within a 3 block radius.  My friends.  My doctor.  My chiropractor.  Restaurants.  Coffee shops.  The bottle shop.  And for anything I can’t walk to, I have wifi.  Suburbs are for suckers.  And car owners.

I’m beginning to sense this might sound like a rant that makes me appear poor.  And I understand the Facebook convention is to post content that makes me look rich and successful.  I invented social networking so don’t tell me what to post.  The average price for a new car costs more than a 4 year college degree, and everyone’s complaining about the price of college.  I’m telling you this is an issue.

For my part, I’m holding out for as long as I can to own a single car.  The bus picks up right outside my front door.  I’m a big Uber fan and occasionally I rent a car if the need arises.  Cheaper than a monthly car payment.  I understand there is a trend that forecasts people will stop buying cars.  Uber is termed ride sharing while short-term (as in hourly) car rentals is called car sharing.  It’s an urban thing.  I have a neighbor who lets me borrow her spare car when the need arises.  I’m at the forefront of car sharing.  And I score bonus points for minimizing my carbon footprint.  Am I alone on this?  Or am I just cheap?