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Audubon TrailI completed week three of training for the Boulder Marathon with 70 miles, bringing my total up to 190 miles.  Surprisingly, the wheels haven’t started to fall off yet.  I have another six weeks before I reach 100 weekly miles though, so I can’t say I’m there.  This week almost felt easy until today.  I kept all my runs at 12 or less miles but ran 16 today in some tough heat.  The most difficult part might be running in the morning after a previous late afternoon run.  Not enough time to recover.  So I maintained a slow pace today, which was likely smart in this heat.

I also got in a nice 6 mile hike on Audubon Trail, in the Brainard Lake area on Thursday.  I took the day off to spend time with my niece Jessy who drove in from Iowa.  She’s in Vail now for the weekend with her boyfriend Brian and Brittany.  Always nice to have family visit.  Nicer still to get in my first mountain trail hike of the season.  I have some more aggressive hikes planned later this month and for August, including Longs Peak.

Finished the day on the front porch.  Goddard came over and drank beers with me.  Until we ran out and switched over to Brittany’s apple cider.  Quite refreshing and 5% alcohol.  Who knew?