taco junky

Karen and I miss most of Brit’s performances, because they are typically in Denver and she plays past our bed time.  So it’s unusual that we went two Friday’s in a row.  This one was in Boulder though, on the Hill at Taco Junky.  I posted possibly the worst ever Facebook live video in the history of videos.  I started before they even warmed up and the place was loud. The good stuff didn’t start until after my battery died.

Rachel & Brit had the whole night to sing so they took some solos after first singing together.  Brit sang her cover of Lost Boy and the college crowd really got into it.  Brit followed with another cover that got the coeds singing and dancing.

That was enough for Brit to figure out what they liked so she got her phone out and began pulling up piano chords and lyrics to more songs.  It would take her a minute to study and then she would just play and sing based on reading music she barely knew.  She owned that crowd for the next hour singing dowloaded tunes.  The audience even started holding her phone for her while she played.  Pretty impressive adaptation to a crowd.

Before long, Karen was singing and dancing with the coeds.  A professional photographer showed up from nowhere with lights and began taking photos.  It turned into a rock n roll hoochie koo.  Still, we left in the middle because it was past our bed time.