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NANOspikesI beat the ice today.  Probably for the season.  My Yaktrax were fine but they disintegrated after a single season.  Plus they tended to accumulate clumps of fresh snow.  Yaktrax has since improved their design to include a spike plate similar to these Kahtoola NANOspikes, but only under the forefoot.  I imagine the rear coils still pick up wads of snow.

Today was yet another frozen ice capade.  I was considering the elliptical but then the package from REI showed up on my front porch.  I placed the order for these puppies last week after a four mile glassade along the LoBo Trail.  I rarely devote a blog to a gear review, but I had a great run today in these spikes.  I cruised across rivers of ice with never a fearful moment.

On slopes and turns that called for caution, Kahtoola’s tungsten carbide spikes gripped with confidence.  I was prepared to run only three or four miles to try these out but extended my run to seven exalted miles.  On my return, for the half mile between Ogallala Road and the foot bridge, I stretched out my stride to race pace.  Not sure I’ve been able to run fast like that yet this year.  Good to know I still can.  By this time the sun was setting and I wasn’t wearing a head lamp, but the NANOspike’s confidence broadened to my running form.  These spikes rock!