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KimThe first thing I have to say about the Sony hack is that I can’t believe both this and the Cuba thing are keeping the Taliban slaughter of over 130 children out of the news.  Seriously?  I’m commenting on this because I work in the cyber security industry.  Because $10M of pre-hack movie hype has bought this story top billing.  But I consider it a non-event relative to the school children massacre in Pakistan this week.

I thought I was fully up on this story yesterday but it ruled the news today.  It was bigger than Cuba by day’s end.  Poor GOP, does anyone even remember the immigration story?  Today’s dominant news theme was around the response of Americans to the Sony decision to yank the movie.  I watched ET and read news stories.  I saw it all day long on CNBC.  I’ve yet to hear one person say this.  Sony is Made in Japan.

So, armed with this intelligence; was America really hacked?  To everyone clamoring for a military response; would you like to pause and think about this now that you understand N. Korea invaded Japan?  I know, virtual borders are tough to decipher.  Trust me on this.  Check out Wikipedia.  Query their stock listing.  Sony is run by the Japanese.  Maybe you won’t have to totally back down from your position.  Perhaps there’s some clause in our joint defense treaty that provides Japan more protection than the U.S. Gov’t brings to bear each year when your credit card is hacked.

And how sure are you that Kim Jong-un is the culprit?  I actually wouldn’t challenge the U.S. Gov’t. on this.  It’s just I’m not sure I’ve read any credible government sources yet confirm this.  I feel like the media has liberally referenced government sources as they confirm it’s North Korea.  I think what makes me question this is how fast North Korea has been confirmed.  Otherwise, I have no doubt our boys can determine the source.  If not 100%, within five nines.

I will tell you I’m not worried about Sony.  I mean about them making money from the film.  I am starting to pity them somewhat with all the hits they keep taking.  In terms of profiting from the film, I always think of the old Hollywood expression, “even bad publicity is good publicity.”  So I’m not worried about the film making money.  In fact, The Interview will likely become the highest grossing non-release of all time.  Sony should start to care about all the damage this is doing to their brand.  And Prime Minister Abe might want to beef up his cyber security forces along with his plans to increase funding for the military.

As far as that goes, every one of you better start to shore up your security.  A cyber storm is coming.  If you feel wounded from the Sony cyber battle, wait to see what it feels like when you take a direct hit.